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Direct GoPro
products connection

Aluminum crafted

Five Level of Extension

Rotate anti-clockwise to loosen

Carbon fiber - 0.5 lbs

Extending from 40cm (15") ~ 270cm (106")
The first section extended by pulling outwards


We value your needs more than you can imagine

The mindset of the product designer is not sufficient to fully understand and provide what the customers need. We have come a long way from our classic design to the current backpack model with the consistent efforts of understanding the customer’s reviews and analyzing their suggestions to more efficiently create value for our product.

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The longest selfie stick which brings people together.

Product weight 220g±10

Light yet rigid design made possible

Breaking through the norm by embracing Carbon Fiber in our design will allow people to experience the full potential and advantages of the material.

We believe in using Carbon Fiber material in our design

Today, most of the selfie sticks in the market are made up of plastic and aluminum. Although these materials do not cost much, the most significant problems are the extra weight and poor durability.

Highly Portable

Minimum length 40cm (15 inch)

Maximum length 270cm (  106 inch )

Product weight 220g±10

Why put yourself in a dilemma of choosing between black or white? Moreover, we all know how tough it is to maintain white as well as white. Finding other colored options is nearly impossible nowadays, restricting your freedom to express who you are. Also, just like a GoPro, which emanates risk-taking and adventurous, the #270Pro selfie stick is inseparable.
Now, with two color options to choose from, you're finally free to be who you are. Be all that you can be. Never be limited by the lack of options; #270Pro has paved the way.

Black and white

A Cut Above the REST

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