How to use #270Pro and GoPro to take photo?

  1. PHOTO MODE: CAPTURE MODES - Highest quality of photos
    • The GoPro Capture app lets you control your camera remotely using a smartphone, also using the app to preview your shot.
  2. TIME LAPSE MODE: CAPTURE MODES - Medium quality
    • We recommend you use the 0.5 second timer. Use this mode to capture photos, then choose the best ones later.
  3. VIDEO SCREENSHOT - Low quality
  4. Recommend to use up to 1080/60fps mode.

How do I use #270Pro and pair the bluetooth remote control with my smartphone?

Turn on your bluetooth remote shutter by moving the side switch into the “ON” position. The blue LED light will start flashing. Your bluetooth remote shutter is now in “pairing” mode. Open the bluetooth options on your phone. On most phones this can be done by going to “Settings” and then selecting “Bluetooth” (on Android phones, you may need to first go to “Apps,” and then select “Settings” from your list of applications in order to get to Bluetooth). Once you have Bluetooth open, select the device “AB Shutter” from the list of device options. You may need to wait for a few seconds, but it should soon say “Connected.” Using your Bluetooth Remote Shutter, press the appropriate button to take a picture. If using an iPhone, please press the larger button. If using an Android, please press the smaller button. * If your camera application is not compatible with the Bluetooth Remote Shutter, you can download “Camera 360” from Google Play store as an alternative. Note: Phone Mount width is between 55mm - 80mm

Do you know how to use #270Pro in the appropriate way?

| Extend | Step1. PULL the selfie stick outwards from the top of the narrowest section that has the logo on it. Step2. To extend to the next length, TURN the locating ring, and pull. Step3. Repeat step two, and extend it to the desired length and lock. | Shorten | Step4. Turn the selfie stick back from the thickest section to the narrowest section ** Please revert correctly: if done incorrectly, it might cause internal damage to the selfie stick. **Please do not KNOCK, THROW, DROP or FLICK as it will cause damage to the product which is improper use. **To avoid damages, remember to retract the product if the selfie stick is not locked.

If the selfie stick is stuck, what should I do?

Here are three ways that help you to shorten the selfie stick.

  1. Shorten your selfie stick from the thickest section to the narrowest section.
  2. Start gradually from the handle, working in individual sections, with one hand rotating clockwise and the other hand turning counterclockwise slowly.
  3. Turn your selfie stick upside down and shake it slightly and shorten it.
* If those ways above still can not solve the problem, please contact us, do not KNOCK, THROW, DROP or FLICK as it will cause damage to the product. If it is damage caused by human errors it might be charged with the repair fee.

About Shipping Guide.

Once you’ve placed an order, we will ship the item by 2 working days.

For all international shipments, the standard delivery time is 2-3 weeks depending on customs clearance.

You can visit our online Order Status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to view the most up-to-date status of your order. Sign in with your #270Pro account and password to get a summary of past orders. You'll see your order number, the date and time the order was placed, the status of the order, and package tracking information for items that have shipped.

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*Business/ working days exclude public holidays and Sundays.
For all international shipments, all customs, duties, and taxes are the responsibility of the customer. As the taxes and duties vary by country, please contact your customs office for estimated cost.

Why can’t I find the logo?

There are two logos on the selfie stick.

  1. The first one is on the first section of selfie stick, which is the narrowest section. It is connect with the CNC mount. * Only the narrowest section is PULL out, others are TURN.
  2. The second logo on the selfie stick is located on the handle of the selfie stick, which has “BACKPACK” logo as well. * Only the BACKPACK version has the logo.

How to clean #270Pro in appropriate way?

After every use in saltwater, twist off the bottom section. Rinse the pole with fresh water from the bottom part, and extend it to the longest length then leave out to dry. * If you want to dry it faster, you can use a dry rag to wipe it first. * Reminder: If it is not cleaned after you use it in salt water, it will easily cause sand or dirty debris to get stuck in it. If the selfie stick is dirty, it may cause debris to scratch the stick when folding. It is necessary to wash the selfie stick properly after ocean activity.

Why can’t my GoPro lock on to my selfie stick?

Please try to take off the black rubber ring on the aluminum thumbscrew.

If I lost my wrist strap or base section of sefiestick, where can I purchase those accessories?

You can purchase wrist strap or base section directly from our website: www.270pro.com

What are the differences between the #270Pro Backpack and #270Pro Classic?

Will #270Pro selfie sticks work on all GoPro models?

Yes, they work on all GoPro models.

About the currency

The price on-site is New Taiwanese Dollar (NTD), but the total price (shipping fee included) in your country's currency will show at the last step of PayPal, so you may confirm before your final decision!


如何使用 #270Pro 與 GoPro 拍照?

  1. 拍照功能 - 畫素相對較高
    • 將 GoPro 連接手機即時觀看構圖,按下快門。
    • 設定計時拍照,可選三秒、十秒。 (僅限 GoPro Hero 7 )
  2. 延遲拍照功能。
    • 建議設定0.5秒/張。
    • GoPro Hero 7 SUPERPHOTO 功能只會在時間 5秒/張 以上開啟。
    • 又稱縮時拍照功能 / TIMELAPSE
  3. 影片截圖功能 - 畫素較低。
    • 建議至少使用1080 / 60​fps 以上格式。
    • Recommend to use up to 1080/60fps mode.
  4. 連拍功能。

如何使用 #270Pro 與 手機 進行拍照?

  1. 開啟 藍芽遙控器右側開關向上扳至 ON
    • 藍色指示燈閃爍
  2. 開啟 手機藍芽功能,搜尋新設備
  3. 手機藍芽連接 " AB SHUTTER "
  4. 開啟 照相軟體
  5. 可直接按下遙控器快門進行拍攝
    • APPLE手機 請按上方較大顆的按鍵
    • ANDROID手機 請按下方校小顆按鍵
  • 若手機版本較舊, 藍芽搜尋不到無法進行拍照
    1. 請下載 " Camera 360 App "
    2. 打開 Camera360 中的 相機設置
    3. 音量鍵 的功能設定為拍照
  • 手機夾組均可於 #270Pro 各大經銷 加購。
  • 手機夾適用手機寬 55mm - 80mm .

如何正確使用 #270Pro?

【 請見影片 】

- 打開方式:由最細端(桿頭)一截一截拉開。

- 收合方式:由最粗端(桿尾)一截一截收回。


如何正確清洗 #270Pro?


  1. 將每一節桿節拉鬆。

  2. 轉開尾塞。

  3. 灌入清水搖一搖,重複抽拉各桿節,確保有沖洗到各部分。

  4. 鎖回尾塞。

    • 請務必記得鎖緊,以免尾塞鬆脫。

  5. 將 #270Pro 所有桿節拉開,並用乾布擦拭,放在陰涼通風處陰乾。



為什麼我的 #270Pro 找不到 Logo?

整支 #270Pro Backpack 總共有兩個Logo

  1. 第一個 Logo 位於自拍桿首節,與 GoPro CNC 底座為同一節,只要將GoPro相機角度朝下即可拍到了喔!
    • 提醒一下,第一節桿節是用拉的喔!
    • 提醒一下,第一節桿節是用拉的喔!
    • 提醒一下,第一節桿節是用拉的喔!
  2. 第二個 Logo 位於自拍桿尾端,同時還有Backlpack字樣!
    • Classic 沒有這個 Logo 喔!


可以前往 周邊商品 頁面部分購買喔!


可以試著將原購買時附贈的 #270Pro 螺絲上的 O ring拿掉。

請問 #270Pro 收起來時卡卡的怎麼辦?


  1. 清洗時未清洗乾淨,正確清洗方式為:
    1. 將每一節桿節拉鬆。

    2. 轉開尾塞。

    3. 灌入清水搖一搖,重複抽拉各桿節,確保有沖洗到各部分。

    4. 鎖回尾塞。

    5. 請務必記得鎖緊,以免尾塞鬆脫。

    6. 將 #270Pro 所有桿節拉開陰乾。

      小提醒:若未清洗乾淨,容易造成沙子或是髒東西卡在裡面,不但收合時很難收還可能會刮傷桿節,尤其下過海水更要確實做到清水沖洗才能好好的保養您的 #270Pro 喔!

  2. 收合方式不正確,可以嘗試以下幾種方式:

    1. 從最粗的桿節往最細的一節一節收起。

    2. 一手握住前面桿節,一手握住後面改桿節,一邊順時針一邊逆時針向內旋轉並輕推。
    3. 將自拍桿輕晃或是倒過來收。
若以上幾種方式均無法收回請務必直接連絡我們。 請千萬不要用力撞擊或是用力硬推,若為人為因素損壞則須負擔部分維修費用。

請問 Backpack背包款 跟 Classic經典款 有什麼不同?


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