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    The perfect gift for your next adventures!


    | #270Pro BACKPACK BLACK | 

    The longest selfie stick brings people together

    โ€ข Direct GoPro products connection
    โ€ข Water Proof
    โ€ข Min length 40 cm (16 in ) Max length 262 cm (103 in )
    โ€ข Aluminum crafted
    โ€ข 1/4" Tripod Mount
    โ€ข Five Levels of Extension
    โ€ข Highly Portable
    โ€ข Product Weight 230g
    โ€ข 99% Carbon fiber


    NT$5,580 Regular Price
    NT$4,280Sale Price

    Compatible with all versions of GoPro.

    (For cameras of other brands, you can purchase the 1/4 aluminum alloy adapter base to use.)

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