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  • Required to mount any smartphone to your #270Pro.

    1. Turn on your bluetooth remote shutter by moving the side switch into the “ON” position. 

    2. Open the bluetooth options on your phone. On most phones this can be done by going to “Settings” and then selecting “Bluetooth” (on Android phones you may go to “Apps” first and then select “Settings” from your list of application in order to get to Bluetooth).

    3. Once you have Bluetooth open, select the device “AB Shutter” from the list of device options. You many need to wait for a few seconds but it should soon say “Connected.”

    4. While using your Bluetooth Remote Shutter, press the appropriate button to take a picture. 

    Phonemount and Remote

    Out of Stock

    iOS and Android Compatible, not water proof.
    Width between 55mm - 80mm

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